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it's not a funhouse, it's a tabernacle of terror.

rub some kitten on it.


formerly moulinkiss

entries are friends only, occasionally picture heavy. not cryptic, just vague.
when i speak i cross my fingers
will you know you’ve been deceived?
i find a need to be the demon
a demon cannot be hurt.
honest is easy,
fiction is where genius lies
cause it’s easier sometimes
not to be involved
- guster

3d animation, abhorsen&sabriel&lirael, catloaves, collecting inspection tags, crystal healing, graphic design, hallucinogens, lomography, lunchbox, matt fucking skiba, nacho bars, overly black coffee, perenolde, staring contests with linoleum, tabernacles of terror, the horde, the kittysplat, toy cameras, trichotillomania, typography, wicca, world of warcraft